Dreaming until the Wake of your own Destruction: "The Great Gatsby."

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Dreams are something most people want to believe in. Some not only believe in them but also try to make them the center of their life. In this way achieving one's dream might become the focus of his or her existence and might become something that therefore changes the course of somebody's life. Unfortunately if you lose contact with the real world and your feet get detached from the ground you might end up lost in a dream that cannot come true and suffer the consequences. This is what happened to Jay Gatsby. We are made known the story of an impoverished man that becomes extremely rich starting from nothing. He is passionately in love with a wealthy girl, or better to say with a dream, named Daisy. Although both Gatsby and Daisy had a relationship early in their lives, after WWI Gatsby saw that the love of his life has been taken away believing that his impoverished life forced Daisy to turn back.

Therefore he occupies his time and his mind trying desperately to reach a status he has always wanted and never had. He began to bend the thin line of reality itself, refusing that his dream of being with Daisy hasn't vanished just yet. As a result of his refusal to recognize reality, Gatsby, whose dreams doomed from the start, never realized that all of his attempts of re-creating the pasts were futile, resulting to annihilation too himself and his dreams forever.

As every dream, Gatsby's dream has its starting point, the moment that initiates its prosecution for an entire life. And like every dream it originates in the inexperience and romanticism of a young man, just starting his life. At this point of his life he was a young captain, fulfilling his army requirement and...