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People sleep nearly one third of their lives away. An article I have recently read stated this from proven tests from many famous psychologists. Dreaming is the main way our body gets its rest. It is the how we get to relax and let our minds drift away from the problems and worries of everyday life. A dream is a hallucination. They can relieve us of our stress, or they could tell us of a habit or future happening. If we know how to interpret them, dreams can help us understand ourselves. We can interpret many things through a person's dreams without them telling us what their thoughts or feelings are. We can tell things such as; deep secrets, feelings, and past occurrences. In the article it states that the reason we sleep is to keep our minds active and working correctly. In fact, our minds stay nearly as active during dreaming as it does while we are awake.

Dreaming keeps the body and mind working while we are sleeping.

As we sleep our body goes through four different cycles of sleep. The first cycle only lasts a few minutes and is classified as a very light sleep. If we are not disturbed during this first stage of sleep, we slowly slip into cycle two. This is a slightly deeper sleep, and it is also when dreams begin to come into our mind. Although we start to dream during this cycle, the images at this time are not clear. Then, after a short while in cycle two we begin to get into cycle three, which is an even deeper sleep than the

previous two. Your vital stats are slowed down and it is very difficult to wake them. On most people you have to make a loud noise or...