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All that you have achieved in life are dreams that you yourself have made a reality. Dreams are powerful and are bursting with potential. Without dreams there would be nothing to work towards, no meaning in life, and no light at the end of the tunnel.

Dreams make up who we are. They are in fact our essence. People without dreams are like mockingbirds without voices. No-one can hear their beautiful song or realise and understand the true essence of their being. If we hold on tightly to our dreams then we have learnt a vital lesson in life and that is to have faith, to be strong and never to give up. If a person gives up on his dreams, then that means that he has given up on life itself. It shows a sense of worthlessness. When we have dreams we see where we want to be, how we want to be and most importantly, what we want to be.

Without these dreams, there is no guide for us in our lives.

Following one’s dreams is like following a really complicated map to get to a certain destination (Reaching this destination is like a dream come true). As you go through life, each dream is one of the streets on the map. As you pass them you are getting close to your destination. You feel a sense of euphoria at being able to get to where you want to. Sometimes you might miss a turn but you don’t give up hope, you carry on searching for what you want because you know exactly what you’re working towards. In other words, a dream is a beacon of hope.

Dreams can be shattered. This is just how life is. Sometimes things go right and sometimes they don’t.