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The Preacher of Equality

Influence is defined as a compelling person, thing, or force that produces effects on behavior, opinions, ideals, etc (source #1). Influences affect a broad variety or range of things. Such as, a single individual, crowd, or mass-population, and in some instances an influence can even affect an entire nation. Take the United States of America for example, many influences have imposed their identity into its genetics, and self as a nation; there's its multiculturalism, religious foundation, and many other aspects that influence its existence, and persona. However, some influences prove to be more prevalent than others. Influence is defined as a compelling person, thing, or force, for the purpose of this study, a person who can be declared as an influential individual in U.S. past present and future, is Martin Luther King Jr. His influence partakes with a Dream he began with a dream of equality for all people.

In view of the fact of King's influence in today's society, it is evident that the existence of the U.S.'s multicultural identity wouldn't exist without the acceptance of racial difference. During his lifetime King was the voice for the common man, and the afro-black as a piece of the society. Seeing as his era remained present in the times of segregation, Martin Luther King Jr. broke the boundaries of division in the U.S. and has given the U.S. a sense of urgency to terminate such intolerance to indifference. At the time, it was just a way to breech the black and white dividend, but years later, it has brought the U.S. into the limelight of a land of opportunity, acceptance, and likewise, the rights shared by all common man, and woman would lack the emphasis necessary to become a dire aspect of social equality without its main...