Dreams Have Come And Gone, But One.

Essay by superbeachbabeak December 2003

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Dreams Have Come And Gone, But One

When I was little I thought everything was perfect. I would grow up to be a rich princess living in a castle. I thought I would have the perfect life in the perfect world, but now I know that nothings perfect. Dreams have come and gone, but one has stayed the same my dream for America.

My dream for America is to give women more say in the government. In congress only 13.5% is woman. That means only 72woman out of 533 people. In Senate 87% are men and in House 86.5% are men. There are 28 States with no female representation in Congress. Is that fare? I don't think so. Women should have equal say in what happens in the government.

There has never been a women president in America. If the red in our flag stands for bravery, then why don't we have more women trying to become president.

We have had only one woman who has tried to become president. Her name is Victoria Woodhull. Women should try to be more like her and run for president. When we are kids you hear all these other girls and maybe yourself saying that they want to be the first woman president. Well then if that's your dream go for it. Don't just sit there saying that, do it!

Most girls and women don't go for their dreams, because they are afraid of being put down or that they cant do it. Well I have to tell you girls something, at least try to go for your dream and do want your dream is no matter what.

Women need to go for their dream to become the first American president. We need more woman in are government. My dream for America...