Dreams the main theme in "The Great Gatsby"

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In my opinion the theme that best describes "The Great Gatsby" is the theme Dreams, I feel that this more important to the novel than Vision and Honesty.

When it comes to dreams in the "The Great Gatsby," The main dream that we see over and over is The Great American Dream, Or rather the corruption of it. The American Dream is that anyone can become successful, by working hard. The Idea of a Self-Made man, where the woman will stay at home and take care of the children, and the man will go out to work. This Idea started to corrupt when there became a greed for wealth and status. The American dream was supposed to motivate entrepreneurs to achieve goals, yet became impure and hollow, when tainted with greed. Gatsby as a younger man followed an agenda to try to uphold his American Dream, "No wasting time at Shafters, No more smoking or chewing, Read one improving book or magazine per week, Save $3.00

per week, Be better to parents" (page 181-182). This shows that he did have an ambition, but he lost his "work ethic" when he became wealthy, he obtained greed for money.

Gatsby became corrupted because his main goal was to have Daisy. To Gatsby Daisy was the representation of money "Her voice is full of money"(page127) Gatsby recreated his own American Dream, to have as much money as possible to win Daisy, He would have to have an enormous mansion, and throw great parties.

The result of the American dream becoming corrupted is that the motivation and ambition leave, and the dream is left as a empty goal. Daisy displays this when she states "I always watch for the longest day of the year and miss it."...