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View on Moral Character

Everyone's moral character changes over a period of time, as Annie's did in the movie What Dreams May Come. As time has taken its toll, the bar has been raised is societies decision-making. There are a lot of choices to be taken into consideration. Everyone's choices, good or bad, reflect themselves and their own personality but the consequences affect themselves and others around them.

When Annie took her own life, this shows her moral character changes after the death of her loving husband/soul mate and her adoring children. Her bad decision making affect those alive and dead in the movie. Chris, her husband, has to go find her in the afterlife while others still on earth mourn her death also. I am sure this is how humanity in the real world change, taking in the occurrence of death of a loved one. Their moral character changes drastically, both in their lifestyles and their conscience.

Sometimes occurrences and events change a person's character. When someone's inner self tells them to decide between something, it may or may not always be the right answers. Their state of mind may be altered or distorted due to drastic changes. When a person is on the edge of anything, especially on the verge of breaking down, they may want to seek advice form a friend, family member or someone in a professional position in order to make their decisions more clear to them. Other reasons for a change in a person's character is the simple fact of growing up. When people grow, they adapt to change to their maturing lifestyles, in the steps of growing into who they may or may not become to be. There are choices and paths, leading in numerous directions, which will be based on what...