Dred Scott Decision

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Northerners argument for the Dred Scott Decision The Dred Scott Case is a landmark case in our time, the 1850s, in which the Supreme Court of the United States declared that African Americans were not U.S. citizens. The continued to say that blacks even when free, could never become citizens of the United States and thus did not have a right to sue in federal courts. This ruling outrages me, being a Northerner. The slavery issue is getting bigger and bigger everyday and these types of ruling and laws are not cooling the situation. It only adds heat to the fire. I personally think that slavery should be outlawed all over the United States. If the southerners would open their eyes, they would see that if slaves became citizens they would contribute to the number of citizens allowed to vote. If there were more citizens who were allowed to vote, then each state would be able to have more representatives.

In addition to more votes, ending slavery would also create more jobs for the white man. If slavery continues, no one will pay the white man to work because they can get slaves for a cheaper price. In the north, we believe that freed slaves should not be denied their rights. The Bill of Rights states that all men are created equal and that is how they should be treated. Dred Scott and his family had been living in a free state and had their freedom for two years. Therefore, they were entitled to their rights. The technicality of the court system was abused to rule in favor of those who opposed giving freed slaves their rights.