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There are many problems that need to be addressed in the public schools today. The dress code being my main concern. Administrators and teachers are worried about whether girls shorts are too short. The office complains of girls wearing shorts that are too short when there are rather larger girls running around with an extra layer of skin. Perhaps we should have uniforms. Would that really solve the problem though? Kids would still get their clothes too tight or too baggy. The schools would still have as much segregation as there is in the schools today. People do not only judge by how we dress but also by what we live in, where our house is located, what we have, and who we are related to. No one can change any of these things. Maybe a dress code or uniforms will make a difference and maybe they won't? In my opinion they won't.

Schools that have uniforms have a 57% drop in school spirit. The also had a 63% drop in attendance for extra curricular activities, both participating and watching. To quote and English Proverb, "Live your own life, for you will die your own death." I think this quote fits right into this subject, you see if we have to wear uniforms we would be living a different life so we wouldn't care as much. If you let us live our life inside our school we would make it a part of our life so we should be able to keep things the way they are.

There are many pressures in the public schools. All of a sudden in high school everything changes. Everyone takes that first merger into "the real world". As a junior there is much more pressure put on the students. If you took away...