Dress Code

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Tiffani Dunaway

Mrs. Fountain

Dual English

7 October 2014

Dress Code

Picking out an outfit is an exciting aspect of high school. Hoping to combine the perfect outfit is a dream most girls have, but schools continue to place stricter guidelines as to what is and is not acceptable to wear to school. Teenagers use clothes to express themselves, and their ability to express what they like or what they feel has slowly been taken away over the years. Dress codes have negatively affected students because students can focus more on the dress code rules and less on their actual class assignments. Although some people think a dress code helps students learn more efficiently, dress codes only limit students' expression and develops unfair gender codes for women.

At Athens High School, the rules pertaining to dress code are extremely strict in the opinions of students. A few of the rules are that students, mainly females, must have straps that are two inches wide, no exposure of inappropriate body parts, leggings may not be worn unless the dress or shirt falls three inches above the knee, and dresses, skirts, and shorts can not be worn unless they meet the same requirements as leggings.

Many of these rules wrongly target females and their bodies and it must be stopped. Finding outfits that meet the criteria of what is appropriate is difficult because clothing manufacturers do not make shorts that are school appropriate. Bottoms sold are either too short or they are jeans. As for dresses and skirts, maxi style items are a safe choice, but why should females be limited to only floor length dresses and skirts? Compared to most churches, Athens High School has a stricter dress code. This dress code should be abolished because it limits the students'...