Dress Code Violations in Salem, Oregon

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Jared Oeltjen

Essay Two


Rhetorical Description

My persona is that of the head of the PTA. I represent all parents of students in the Salem-Keizer 24J school district. This statement was written on behalf of the dress code regulations and I am very obliged to the new codes and feel there are many benefits of incorporating it into the school district.

The audience is the members of the school board and any other concerned parents who showed up about the new dress code regulations. These PTA members decide the future for most of their children based on the decisions they make in PTA meetings.

The message that I am sending forward is that with a set of dress code regulations, parents will be able to have less stress on their shoulders having to worry about something happening to their children and also having to worry about their child being mistaken for a gang member.


In 1996, Salem saw its worst case of gang violence ever. Almost everyday there is a new article in the paper about someone gang-related getting shot or a drive-by happening. Salem is a violent place right now and something needs to be done to bring down gang activity.

The new guidelines that the SK 24J school district has set forth rely on known gang affiliated clothing that the Salem Police Department has even deemed gang-related clothing. When taking two steps forward we must remember to take one step back and look at our town. Gang-infested. Just by looking at a youth's attire, you can almost instantly tell if the child is in a gang or not. It does not come down to whether or not you have enough money to buy the clothes; it's the type of clothes you are buying your...