Drifted Thoughts [an imaginative journey]

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The sun's beams shone across the sky and the affectionate glow cast over the whole house. Inside the bedroom, I leaned back in my armchair; feet propped up, and gazed longingly through the fluttering white curtains. My eyes, now closed, saw a sky that was artificial blue and a warm breeze ruffling the leaves as the birds sang their tune sweetly.

I sighed, and reopened my eyes, only to stare dully at the piece of paper on my knee. The dreaded essay.

It is due tomorrow! Yet the word count for this two thousand-word essay remained at zero and I could find no inspiration nor will to start it.

A famous writer once wrote, "Each journey begins with a single step" Yes, I thought, that is very well said, nonetheless no one has ever been able to explain the how.

Mother often asks me, do I not want to make them proud; I do, do I not wish to be accepted into law; I do, and the next question was, as always, then why don't I work harder?

Yet I do struggle, I do! I struggle most ardently against the utmost evils, which makes every attempt to stop me from working, the television, the Internet, the telephone, and most importantly, my own self.

It is true, I admit, that I have a weak will, a lack of strength most often needed in much reserves before any work can be committed. It is true, that more than once, it was the hand of luck, which has given me presentable grades instead of actual hard work on my part. Yet it is also true to say that I, as a student, have worked and studied at times when one should've been long asleep.

The telephone interrupted my thoughts. I let...