Drinink And Driving

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Drinking and Driving Do you want a free beer? You can have one as long as your not driving. Did you know that just one beer can impair your judgment and have catastrophic effects. Drinking and driving can kill the driver of the car. It will kill any passengers in the car and it can kill any pedestrians walking the streets. It will also scare the lives of the family members whose kids were in the car and the pedestrians family.

The driver is the one at cause and is the one to blame. The driver is to blame because he is the one who was not drinking responsibly. Even better the driver should have known his limit before he started drinking. The best thing the driver could have done, is have been thinking and have taken a cab. The driver is to blame because not only has he endangered his life but, the lives of his friends.

The passenger of the car is second to blame. Although the e passenger is to blame as well as the driver, he should have taken the keys away from him. They as well should have known there limits. The best thing they could have done between each other is designate a driver for the night and none of them would have to worry about drinking too much. Not only are the passengers at fault, they are at just as much at risk of being killed in the crash.

The pedestrian is just an innocent bystander and has nothing to do with the crash. If the pedestrian is involved in the crash he was probably just walking down the street, crossing at a cross walk or even just getting out of his car. Know that the pedestrian has been hit by the car you have to think if he is dead or alive, if he will be able to walk or if he has brain damage. Not only do you have to think about the above list, but you have to think if the pedestrian has a family to support. The pedestrian didn't even see it coming when he got nailed by the car, his life has been cut short because some one was being selfish.

Drinking and driving can and will kill. It can kill the driver, passenger and any pedestrians that are hanging around. If you think you can drive while intoxicated, well your wrong and you should think before you drink. The passenger should also think about what the driver is about to do and try to take his keys and call a cab. Just remember, nineteen is the legal thinking