A Drink too Many

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The silence was broken by the loud metallic ring of a can clanking as it hit the road. The faint echoing of the subway can be heard from a distant. Over the years, life had treated Sam harshly. At first he was sued for bankruptcy, having all his assets and properties taken, and then as if the problems were lining up to greet him, his wife of ten years left him. As a result, his closest companion had become the gin bottle, a devious little thing that have never left his side ever since. Every day, for the past few months, sown from the bitter seeds of depression sprouted the habit of drinking- man's closest friend and worst foe which is alcohol.

Sam staggered through the shadowed alley leading to his home. His footsteps circling in a capricious dance, his entire figure resembling a blind man in the dark. Kicking the can as he walked, the sonorous song echoed shrilly against the closing walls.

Reaching into his waist coat, he grabbed a bottle of gin that he purchased from a local mart just moments ago. Taking a gulp, he mumbled to himself incoherently. In the darkness, as though the alcohol had numbed his senses, Sam tripped over and fell, crashing into several carelessly discarded trolleys. As he tried to regain himself, he felt faint...perhaps it was the alcohol, or maybe even the lack of food as he had consumed over the past few days- and collapsed in a crumbled heap.


"Do you have any alcohol in the house?" Roy asked urgently while lighting up the oil lamp.

"I think there's some gin in the cupboard. I'll go get it," replied Mary Anne.

"This is not going to hurt okay? Just relax- it's just going to sting a little okay?"...