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Recently, I was a part of a discussion with some of my friends and one of them brought out the drinking age question. But what is a drinking age? Is this the age when a person is allowed to drink legally? What age is that? It is really hard to define certain age as a drinking age. There should not be such an age when people should drink because liquor reflects very bad on person's health, mental and psycho abilities. Although drinking has been linked to various problems, adults should have the right to make their own decision about their drinking age.

Everything that is forbidden is attractive, especially to young people. It is said even in the bible: "The forbidden fruit is the most delicious one." In my country - Bulgaria, about 25-30 years ago the "Beatles" were forbidden and no one could listen to them legally.

And as a result of this prohibition over the music, every one liked them and the majority of the people were listening to the "Beatles." It is the same with the drinking age. If one is not allowed to drink, of course drinking becomes more attractive to him or her than anything else.

In addition, right after reaching the drinking age, kids start drinking more. They drink more liquor because they want to show everyone that they have turned into an adult and they are "cool" now. That is why, right after that "pivot point" in their life, most of the kids drink to get drunk, not to become more relaxed and more talkative. This is one of the reasons, why most of the insurance companies charge more for an insurance people who are around that age, because they are the most risky...