Drinking Age Should Be 18

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LEGAL DRINKING AGE SHOULD BE 18 All through Ontario the drinking age is set to be 19. This age is set by the Ontario Provincial Government. Our government basically thought that when a person turns 19, he magically becomes capable of controlling himself after drinking. I strongly believe that drinking age in this country should be eighteen for the following reasons.

Most people think that a higher drinking age keeps teenagers from drinking alcohol. Then my question to those people would be "Why are we said to be adults when we are eighteen?"� These people also think that by not selling alcohol to teenagers you are prohibiting them from alcohol usage. It is really hard to control businesses from selling alcohol to teenagers. I know a lot of underaged drinkers who could go to one of those small bars and get served. The bartender or the owner mostly knows that you are under age but he doesn't say anything, because he earns money from you.

The business that gets caught providing alcohol to teenagers is rarely punished magnificently. Some times their place is shut down for a short period of time, the owner would be sent to jail for a few days, and most commonly the business would be given a ticket.

Even if a person under nineteen cant buy alcohol himself, he can always find an adult, give him a few dollars and the cost of the alcohol's. This is especially active in bigger cities with higher homelessness level. In bigger cities your chance of finding someone who needs extra couple of dollars is very high. In our society this method is mostly used by grade twelve and OAC students, whose ages are around seventeen and eighteen. If the person doesn't want to go through the trouble of asking...