Drinking and driving

Essay by monkey215High School, 11th grade April 2004

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Drunk driving in my opinion should be punished to the full extent of the law if not more. This is a serious crime that is committed often and is overlooked by many. Drinking and driving may seem like a rush to some people but when you think of who and what you are putting on the line for a little adrenaline rush it is never going to be worth it.

I personally think that the law is easy on those who are caught drinking and driving. I think instead of a .1 blood alcohol level it should be .05 if not .025 because it is not safe what so ever and not fair to endanger innocent people's lives. In drivers Ed we learn about drinking and driving all the time we learn about how dangerous it is and how devastating one bad choice can do to you and effect the rest of your life.

Another good idea I have about cutting down on drinking and driving is for bars to have Breathalyzer tests. If your blood alcohol level is higher then .05 then they don't give you your key's (assuming they take your keys at they beginning and you have to pick it up after.) There are things that people already do in order to keep drunken drivers off the road. One technique is for all designated drivers get free non-alcoholic drinks. Another is for cabs to be called if a person is too drunk to drive himself.

Another technique is for people who are caught under the influence even if it's below the legal limit to attend a program we have at the school called shattered dreams where they reenact a car crash showing how devastating and real it is. Last year I attended it and I was...