Drinking and Driving: The Ultimate Drug

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You may think that getting drunk may be a joy. Sure, but getting drunk and then driving, that's a bad idea. In this paper you will learn about teenage driving under the influence, and their consequences.

First off, if you are caught driving under the influence, you will have you license taken away and you will be put into jail. There is a 0.08% blood alcohol level limit to not be arrested. There is a zero tolerance level for drinking and driving if you're under the age of twenty-one years. If you are a commercial driver there is a separate law of 0.04% blood alcohol level. With an administrative license suspension, if you're stopped by a law enforcement officer and refuse to take the sobriety test or fail it, the officer can take you license away from you right there on the spot. You could have it taken away from you from ninety days to five years.

Secondly, In the book Tears of a Tiger, some friends get drunk after winning the basketball game and go for a drive to go to a party. While on the freeway, they are speeding and they crash into a wall killing one and injuring three. Andy, the driver, lives and his license is taken away and put into a mental program to help the suffering. In the end he ends up committing suicide because he couldn't go on knowing he killed his best friend. The punishment Andy was put through and the punishment in real live are similar, but different. You still get your license pulled and you get put into jail.

Last of all, my opinions on drunk driving and the laws and punishments that cover it. I think that to help lower the amount of people driving while under...