Drinking And Driving: Is It Worth It?

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Drinking is one of the biggest problems among teens in the country today. Driving afterwards, is another. Most teens at one point in their high school days are pressured to drink. Most of which are also pressured to drive afterwards. Drinking after or while driving is a very serious and life- threatening chance to take. Yet many teens do it anyway. Why you may ask? Because they may think that it makes them look ?cool? or make them feel popular if they do. It happens everyday, in cities across the United States, teenagers get killed in car accidents influenced by alcohol and drugs. When teens go to parties where alcohol and drugs are involved, usually the ones that are drinking always seem to be the ones driving home. Drinking and driving is not only ignorant but illegal as well, or at least for people under the age of 21.

When you consume alcohol, your nervous system is affected a considerable amount; many things will begin to alter. First, your vision is deteriorated, everything starts to become blurry and disfigured. Your depth perception is greatly decreased as well. You may start to lose the strength to do a lot of the physical tasks that is needed to drive an automobile. Coordination is affected severely too. Some teens think that they might be the best driver in the world and they can drink and drive afterwards and not be affected at all. They feel this way because they believe that alcohol doesn?t bother them in any such way. They think that they are invincible and can do anything after drinking and do it at the same mental and physical level as if they were sober. This however is not true, no matter how skilled a driver that you maybe, the chances...