Drinking makes you impotent

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Absolut Impotence

The next alcoholic ad shows an absolut vodka bottle saggy, slumping and leaning to one side. Below the picture is say "Drink provokes the desire but takes away the performance. This ad shows the bottle in the same way as the original but depicts the medically proved side effects of drinking alcohol.

Alcohol effects both males and females hormones. It makes males impotent and cases impaired reproductive functioning in females. This advertisement is targeting an older age group: possibly males and females who are interested in having kids sooner or later. Young adults need to be aware of the effects that alcohol can have on hormones.

Alcohol also causes cancer and heart disease, and it wreaks havoc on the liver. In fact, tens of thousands of people die every year from cirrhosis and alcohol-related diseases. While it's clear that heavy drinking is very unhealthy, there is also evidence that light alcohol consumption (one to three drinks) can decrease the probability of death from heart disease.

Advertisements, such as these that depict the health factors need to be more mainstream. Individuals who drink need to be informed about the effects on a regular basis. What happens to it in our bodies? Where does it go? What effect does it have? Few of us give these questions a passing thought as we sip our wine, beer or spirits.