Drinking Responsibly: Fact or Fiction? Highschool thoughts.

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Alcohol is the only drug in the world that is OK to do. People disregard the negative affects of alcohol just because it is legal. Just like many things, alcohol is good when used in moderation, but is not good when used in excess. The problem with alcohol is it impairs your abilities to make important decisions when you're under the influence. Decisions like whether or not to have another beer or whether you're OK to drive. Alcohol is addictive. The problem with alcohol, compared to other addictions, is that you can be hooked without knowing it, because you're always drunk. It is much easier to admit that you're addicted smoking than it is to admit to alcoholism. Alcohol can destroy your insides, especially your liver. You may ask, why is it legal if it can be so bad for you. It's legal because it is the world's "chosen drug."

It is a natural desire to want to alter your consciousness, that's why little kids spin around to get dizzy and fall down. People chose alcohol as means of accomplishing this.

I read somewhere that increased tolerance is a sign of alcoholism. That's ironic because in certain situations, toleration of alcohol is a great status symbol. Especially in high school, people look up to the guy that can throw back the most amount of beer. Another sign of alcoholism is quick consumption. People invent these contraptions like funnels or jello shots so the alcohol will hit them as fast as possible and with as little taste as possible. There's also beer games like quarters and zuma zuma. Usually they play with the cheapest light beer you can buy, "Natty Light or the Beast." Commercials for these light beers are usually targeted towards high school and college kids. I saw...