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Drive A Drunk Inc., established in 2002, is a provider of great taxi service that caters to the college crowd all over the United States.


Our Mission

The mission of Drive a Drunk Inc. is to provide our franchises with the technology, management program, and overall leadership to provide fast, reliable, and inexpensive taxi service to the public.


Company Profile

Drive A Drunk Inc. is a corporate franchise that started in 2002 that catered to drunk college students at the local CSUSB campus and has expanded to become a company with over 13 franchises all over California. Drive A Drunk Inc.'s Research and Development Department called D.A.D has over the past year created innovative new technologies to give its franchise's a dominant market share, because of it's capability to provide faster and more reliable service at a much lower cost than our competitors. Through our use of GPS and patented ID over web technology we average a 15 minutes to retrieve the passenger from their location.

We are the fastest growing taxi service franchise in the California.

Drive A Drunk belongs to the National Taxi Association N.T.A, which proudly accepted as a member in 2003. N.T.A awarded Drive a Drunk Inc. with it's Top Management Award in April 2003 recognizing the efforts of our managers to successfully brand this company as is proven by the fact by the rapid expansion of our franchises.

Steve Willard of San Luis Obispo writes:

I remember coming out of [club] so hammered that I couldn't even lift the keys from my pocket. A friend who was with me dialed Drive a Drunk's toll free number to request a pickup. Within a matter of minutes the local Drive a Drunk picked me up without me having to tell them my exact location,