Drive Older, Drive Safer

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Drive Older, Drive Safer I believe, and you will too, that the driving age requirements to get a driver's license should be raised. I think that the age requirement for getting a permit should be lowered to fourteen years old.

I believe that if the age prerequisite for driving permits is lowered, it will give the driver more time to practice under an experienced instructor until time for he/she to get their license. That is one reason why I want the age requirement for people to be allowed to get their license to be raised.

I ran a poll through my class and a few other people which asked them if they would rather see the age requirements to get their drivers license raised or lowered. Everyone invalid in this pole was under sixteen. It turned out that ninety-one percent decided they wanted to see it lowered. I would also love to be able to drive by my own earlier, but I know it is bringing danger to the others around me, as you will also know as you read on.

I conducted a second poll in which I asked only people that were either eighteen or above, the same question. Most of them were in their forties. Every single one of them voted for raising the age requirement.

Many people in this world can't get persuaded unless there is fact involved. The whole paper has been based on opinion so far. The next part of my paper is going to be based on fact so that everyone who reads this paper will be totally convinced that the age requirement for people to get their license should be raised. I am hoping to get the ninety-one percent down to less than fifty.

Statistics show that the more experienced the driver, the fewer amounts of accidents happen with them involved. What I am going to write about next is very stunning. Thirty-seven percent of all licensed drivers that are sixteen years of age get in an accident. That doesn't mean that they are bound to get in a crash throughout their driving career. That means thirty-seven percent of all licensed 16 year-olds get in a crash while they are sixteen.

60 year-olds have a lot more experience, so they get in a smaller amount of crashes. Only six percent of all licensed 60 year-olds get in a crash while they are sixty. If the age requirements said that you had to wait until you were 60 to drive, there would be fewer crashes. Everyone else could just ride bikes! The information in the last two paragraphs is accurate according to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Statistical Abstract of the United States from 1996. Take all that you have read and think about it. It is the question that drives us. Do you want driving license age requirements raised or lowered?