Drive-thru Gone A Muck!

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Drive Thru To the Window on the Left (One Person drives to a fast food restaurant drive thru menu/intercom. He begins to mimic the man coming through the intercom, just in a muffled voice. Finally the man yells at them) Cashier: WILL YOU STOP THAT!!! DON?T MAKE ME CALL THE POLICE! Humph. Welcome to McDonalds Can I take your order? Would you like to try one of our big tasty menu items, or one of our dollar menu treats? Only a dollar on the dollar menu! Driver: Don?t tempt me like that! I will tell you what I want to order! Don?t give me any of this dollar item cr?ohhh?chicken mcnuggets?.hmm?6 pieces...

Cashier: Ok sir one 6 piece Mcnugget. That will be $2.50. Anything else? Driver: Hmm...ok you know what give me a 4 peicer instead.

Cashier: Sir they only come in 6 or 8. Both for a $1.

Driver: I don?t care give me 4 pieces! I?m trying to watch my figure.

Cashier: They only come ? (cut off) Driver: I don?t care! I only want 4 pieces! Ok tell ya what get a box of 6 piece of nuggets and take two out and throw em at your boss. OK? SOUND FAIR? Oh yeah give me a junior bacon cheese. A junior!! CLEAR? Trying to watch the calorie intake! Cashier: (said quickly and muffled) An 8 piece nugget, and a Big Mac.

Driver: Oh yeah add a cherries jubilee, a SMALL seasoned Curly fry, and a small co-wait can you put in half coke, half diet coke? Ill have a large one of those big boys, and a?how much fat is in a strawberry shake? Cashier: (coughs) about twenty something Driver: what? What is this?You know what cancel my order! You people and your big fatty sandwiches?i'm going to burger king! Yeah i?m gonna go give them my business.

(Pretends to leave, then starts talking again in the intercom in a muffled voice) Cashier: sir I can still see you haven?t moved.

Driver: Oh? still got my order? Cashier: Yeah Driver: How much? Cashier: twenty four fifty.

Driver: well?.hey knock off that coke would ya? Thanks?. (Drives to window)