Driving Education For Today’s Teens

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Driving Education for Today's Teens It's the first Friday 16 year old John Smith has had with his license. He's so excited he finally got it he decided to drive his friends around for the night. Trying to show off his new car and license he rounded a sharp turn going way to fast leading the car to flip 3 times, ending the lives of him and two other of his friends. Due to studies, it was proven that the leading cause of death in kids between the age of 16 and 21 are from driving related accidents. We must enforce new laws and rules to get young inexperienced drivers not only more knowledge, but experience on the roads. It should start by requiring all students to take driver's education classes before they can get their driver's license.

Statistics show that accidents among teenagers occur more often than older more experienced adults.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 16-year-old drivers get in wrecks nearly nine times more often than those ages 20 and over. For 17-year-olds the rate is six times higher than the adult rate. Facts like these should make America think, would you want to be on the road with statistics like these? If we enforce a law that makes teens take drivers education before they get their license they would have much more knowledge and experience for the road before they are on it alone. This would make them better more aware drivers. Why would anyone not want to drive on the road with better more experienced drivers? Another main reason why teens should be required to take driving education is because they need more experience driving. Inexperienced drivers usually do not know the rules of the road as well as someone more experienced. More...