Drought: A Silent Killer.

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Drought: A Killer Heard All Around the World.

When we say the word drought, what image flashes into your mind? Do you think about all the shows that take place in a desert? What about a desolate island far away from civilization? Well, if you envisioned either of these scenarios, then you would be wrong to a certain degree. The reason for your mistake in judgment if the basis for my research paper, "Drought, A Silent Killer."

When I said that you would be wrong to a certain degree in the earlier paragraph is because the two places that I mentioned are very often associated with a hot, humid, dry climate. The definition of drought is a "condition of abnormally dry weather within a geographic region where some rain is usually expected." This definition shows a drought is very different from a desert or that isolated island because a drought happens in a place that usually gets rainfall and while in those two examples, rainfall is not usually expected.

To define the word drought, further would be to say that it's a period of unusually, persistent dry weather that occurs for some time which causes serious economic problems such as crop damage and water shortages. The severity of the drought depends on the size, location, and length of time it takes place.

What are the causes of a drought? As I stated earlier, a drought is usually associated with very dry weather. One of the major causes of a drought is subsidence. This term refers to an area of atmospheric calm that doesn't cause precipitation. These subsidence areas result from today's atmospheric conditions, which makes the effects of a drought, come to the forefront for leading scientists. Another cause of droughts is mountains and other physiographic barriers. These barriers prevent...