What Drove Hitler to Execute the Worst Genocide Known to Man

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Christoffer Appelgren Doctor. Malmgren English 1158 1 October, 2014

What Drove Hitler to Execute the Worst Genocide Know to Man?

Adolf Hitler is one of the most outstanding as well as one of the most brutal people in the world history. It cannot be denied that he was an exceptionally bright and charismatic person, though on the other hand, it seems to be very hard to admit the positive characteristics of a world-known tyrant. I have pretty long been interested in matters pertaining to World War II and Hitler as a specific person, and although I have seen a number of movies and read a lot about him, they have always revolved around the war and the German soldiers killing the Jews instead of focusing on the person behind everything. In my paper I would like to shed some light on what made him to hate Jews and what made him to be able to go through with the worst genocide known to man.

Adolf Hitler was born on a Sunday evening 20 April 1889 in a small Austrian city named Braun au. His mother Klara (1860-1907) was a dedicated housewife while his father (1837-1903 worked as a customs officer. Alois and Klara had previously given birth to three children before Adolf, but none of the children had been older than three years. A few years later, Adolf got two new siblings, but it was just one of the sisters who became an adult. Hitler was very fond of his indulgent and caring mother especially since his father was a much disciplined man, frequently showing a bad temper and didn't hesitate to punish his children when they were disobedient. The family left the small town of Braun au, because his father repeatedly changed his service in the job...