Drug Abuse

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse On the news you hear about people getting severely injured or even killed by other drivers that have been under the influence of alcohol. You might have heard of a gang shoot out over not having the right kind of or amount of a certain drug. Why does the united states have a problem with the abuse of Alcohol and drugs? Why are they using drugs and alcohol? Why can't they stop it? There are many factors that could cause this major problem such as; using them to cope with mental or physical pains, may have been pressured to do so by their peers, or just never received any positive encouragement from someone who cares.

People cope with pain in many different ways. Some people feel they need to use drugs to overcome such pains. For instance, An individual's close friend or family member has just passed away.

He is filled with mental and emotional pain. Instead of talking to another family member or friend, he decides the only way to get rid of this pain is turning to alcohol. Another person might be dying from Cancer. This person is feeling large amounts of physical pain do to the Cancer. She decides the doctors can't help so she takes it upon herself to relieve this pain. She starts smoking Marijuana on a "need it" type of basis.

Everyone needs friends, but not everyone is considered a good friend. This kid just starts to go to this school. He doesn't know anyone, all he wants to do is fit in. As he's walking around school he overheard some kids talking about a party. He decides to go to this party. As he enters the house some one gives him a beer. He just stands there with...