Drug Abuse on College Campuses

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?Kiddy Coke? or ?Diet Coke? is one of the most popular things on college campuses and no, I?m not talking about a soda here. This term is a common street name for the drug Adderall. This psycho stimulant drug is commonly prescribed for ADD/ADHD disorders. They help increase ADD/ADHD patients? attention span and focus. Despite their stimulant properties, they have a calming effect to counteract hyperactivity.

According to University of Iowa Student Health Services, from 1990 to 2000, Ritalin, a drug similar to Adderall, production increased 900%. From 1993 to 2001, Adderall production increased 5767%.

With so many people- particularly college kids- walking around with a psycho stimulant in their had, it is so much easier for potential abusers to get their hands on it. Easy access, coupled with its speed like high and concentration-boosting effects, Adderall and Ritalin are attractive to college students as a study aid and potential party drug.

However, because they are prescribed and medically safer that other speed-like substances, many students think abusing them is no big deal. Just like any stimulant, it enhances wakefulness, performance, the ability to concentrate, focus, and endurance. So, on a college level they see it as not recreational abuse, but it really is. They may not have a prescription and using it as a party drug or are prescribed this medicine and using it as a party drug. This kind of belief gives Adderall abuse less of a stigma compared with something like cocaine, which makes students think it is not a big deal.

Gina, an undergraduate at Bradley University, does not view Adderall for studying as a serious drug abuse. ?It?s controversial but I don?t feel like I am doing anything wrong.? Gina clarifies. ?I feel like people might look down on it, and its silly because everyone...