Drug Abuse is Life Abuse .

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Drugs have changed what America is. " what you eat is what you become" the wise men said. They were not thick upstairs when this proverb was decided on. Research has shown substantial links that what you are abusing is killing you. We need to open our eyes and know what the source of the problem is.

IT didn't start yesterday it is just evolving. What about 100 years from now it will a disaster. When teens look on every side there are drugs.

Parents should take the blame we always say. What about peers who tell them "Drink more and Faster". We always here testimonies that i just started as a joke and it got out of control.

Drug Abuse is a trap, we need to realize that we are the poeple who will be hurt in the future.

Which brain do you want? If you always eat eggs in the morning you could know what i mean, you brain will be fried too.

Drug abuse is not a disease, it is a problem- solution. we as a scociety need to scourge the problem and find solution. we have the power , the choice is in our hands.