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Drug addiction is a problem that affects families around the country. It all starts with one drink, one puff, or one snort. People think that it's no big deal, but when the drug addiction affects your family and those around you, then it becomes a real big issue.

Drug addition occurs for many reasons. Some people begin using drugs when they are with their peers, especially when they are teens. Teenagers often want to fit in and be cool. They start using drugs for fun, but then it ends up being an addiction.

The most popular drug among teens is marijuana. Many teens smoke it once in a while. But others smoke it everyday with their friends. One of my co-workers smokes marijuana everyday, three times a day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I asked him if he ever thought he was addicted? He said that he didn't think he was.

And this is the attitude most people have when they are addicted to drugs. They don't admit they have a problem, so they don't try to get help. Many teens don't want to stop using the drugs they do because they like how the drug makes them feel. Many claim it makes their problems go away, but in reality it makes more problems because you're only adding a big problem on top of the others you have.

I could never understand why many women are involved in a relationship with their husband being an alcoholic. I've seen cases on TV when the woman's husband comes home everyday at three in the morning drunk. She doesn't know where he's been but she suspects that he goes to the bars with his friends. I don't know how he gets home if he drunk. Who drives him? This becomes a dangerous situation...