Drug Crimes in the World Today

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Drug Crimes in the World Today

Good afternoon everyone. Today I am going to tell you about drug crimes in the world. Did you know that besides diseases, drug crimes are the leading cause of death these days? Drug crimes are so terrible these days. Drug dealers turn children into hustlers.

Drugs have caused so many deaths the last four years. You don`t have to be on street drugs in order to die. Most of the deaths come from overdosing on prescribed medicine. I feel like there is going to be plenty more deaths caused by drugs if people don`t start standing up for what's right.

You can`t really go to the police anymore, because some of them are involved in these in these drug crimes. They would rather lockup, shoot, kill innocent people instead of those who deal drugs. From 2010 to now 38,329 people have died from overdose deaths in Georgia.

Most of the overdoses were from pharmaceuticals.

Drug dealers don`t care who they get addicted. Some of them sell to their own family members just to make a quick buck. If you owe those people and don`t give them their money on time, most likely they will kill you. Most of the times when people become drug dealers they are in a gang.

The type of pharmaceutical drug you will most likely get addicted to and overdose on are pain pills. In my city that I live in drug rates are off the charts. Pregnant women are using drugs while carrying their babies. Drug crimes are taking over. Someone has to be bold enough to stop them.

Now these days in certain parts of the world marijuana is legal. I feel like since it has become legal, there have been more crimes and more babies born with...