Drug Dealers

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"DOMINICAN DRUG DEALERS: 1. Selling drugs to our kids. Many die as a result and homes are destroyed.

2. Washington Heights, Dyckman and connecting areas are infested.

3. They are moving up to nice neighborhoods, making it unsafe and destroying what was once beautiful. Making noise in front of buildings and streets, disrupting our peace with loud music.

4. My girlfriend's daughter in Riverdale (14 years old) was sexually harassed in a (Seaman Co.) taxi. She is afraid and ashamed to come forward. Other taxis companies to watch out for are Kiss, Highclass, First Class, Diplo, Professional, Bailey, etc.

5. Many are illegal immigrants sneaking in. Some go by boat to Puerto Rico and marry or come to the United States with other names and social security numbers.

Not all are a threat but it seems like most are according to the newspaper s over the years." This was an article found in the Riverdale Press, in Bronx, New York.

Though this sadly misinformed and blatantly racist writer speaks solely of Dominicans, the purpose of this email is a calling out of all ethnicities.

I write to you as a 21-year-old American citizen, born and raised in Bronx, New York. Yes, I am Dominican, though I neither came by boat or marriage.

My name and social security number are real, and unlike the targets of this article, I am not a drug dealer. I am a college-educated professional with years of schooling behind me and a successful career ahead of me. No, I don't have any kids, I'm not on welfare, I'm not a dropout, and contrary to popular belief, yes, I do speak English.

What you read in that article is a disgusting display of the prejudice and racism that still exists in our society. And...