Drug Free Workplace Evaluation

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AbstractDrug-Free workplace programs will help to improve workplace safety and employee health in any organization, regardless of the industry. The University of Purdue has implemented a specific guideline of tolerance regarding a Drug-Free Workplace policy.

Drug-Free Workplace EvaluationAccording to the United States Department of Labor, "Employers and employees should work together to examine each component and design a balanced, fair program suited to the unique needs and challenges of the workplace. (USDOL, 2009)" The paper will discuss whether Purdue University (PU) has clearly defined their drug-free policy, has UP implemented a comprehensive drug awareness and education program, does PU train supervisors or faculty to detect and manage substance abuse issues, does PU support an employee assistance program, and finally, does PU have any ramifications for omission or inclusion of these elements.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy - Purdue UniversityPurdue University has recognized the effects of alcohol and drug use in the workplace.

The reduction of aptitude to fulfill the mission of educational learning, research and services is an example of an adverse effect. Purdue University has set forth and revealed an Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace policy. As a contingency of employment and attendance, employees of PU must adhere to the policy. All employees are notified of the policy via a publication at time of hire.

Characteristics of the WorkplacePurdue University employs more than 14,000 individuals. Employment positions within the grounds of PU are law enforcement officers, teachers, computer support, administrative support, executives and accountants. For the Purdue University workplace, "The WorkLife practice has evolved out of workplace realities; contemporary work issues and personal life issues, (Purdue University [PU], 2004). The workforce is considered diverse and highly stressful due to current technology. More efficiency and accuracy is expected by employees with the use of cell phone, fax, scan and e-mail ability, voicemail and...