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This paper will focus on Purdue University's Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace policy. The paper will specify the characteristics of the workplace, determine whether the policies are clearly defined, report on any company-implemented drug awareness and education programs with their characteristics defined, training programs for supervisors, support of an Employee Assistance Program, and possible ramifications for omission or inclusion of previously stated components.

Purdue University Drug-Free Workplace PolicyPurdue University recognizes that alcohol and drug use diminish workplace safety and diminish the University's ability to fulfill its mission of education, research, and service. Because of this the University developed an Alcohol and Drug-free Workplace Policy. Compliance with the policy is considered a condition of employment and all employees will be notified of the policy by publication.

Characteristics of Purdue University's WorkplacePurdue University has more than 14,000 employees. Employee jobs range from computer technicians, administrative assistants, painters, accountants, law enforcement officers, to teachers.

For the Purdue University workplace, the field of WorkLife practice has evolved out of workplace realities: contemporary work and personal life issues (Purdue University [PU], 2004). Purdue's workforce is more diverse and current technology leads to stressful situations where more has to be accomplished at a faster pace with the use of e-mail, voice mail, fax, cell phones, and pagers. Many employees find they are working differently and doing different work than they were previously accustomed to.

Purdue University has expected levels of productivity and performance against which they evaluate employees. When personal life issues happen to an employee, performance may falter. At Purdue University "the employee's work environment appreciates the challenges of life events - the employee is supported by their supervisor, work/life services, or human resources policies- they have a safety net" (PU, 2004). Purdue seeks to create a workplace that accommodates...