Drug Legalization: My View

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Here in the United States, we have made some significant progress in fighting drug use and the trafficking of drugs, and this is just not the time to legalize drugs. Illegal drugs are illegal because they are detrimental, and they were made illegal for many reasons. I believe that drugs should not be legalized because of the dangers that may come our way.

Although, many think that if we legalize drugs then the amount of users would lessen, but that's not true, there could be a likely chance that more people will be doing drugs. For instance, in Alaska, they had legalized drugs in the 1970's, this led to many teens using marijuana at more than twice the rate of youths nationally, so the people in Alaska decided to re-criminalize marijuana in 1990. For a fact, the legalization of drugs has been tried before, and all attempts of it have failed, so why should we even try to legalize them again? There are some people who believe that the drug war cannot be won but tests and statistics have shown that America has been making a pretty good progress.