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Diana Kinney

September 22, 2014

Personal Drug Philosophy - TA: John Kronstain

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Drug use in any context, except caffeine, has always been frowned upon in my household. With a full Korean mother at hand, underage and illegal drug use was especially frowned upon; Koreans from her generation largely disapprove of illicit drug use in their culture, and my dad, being a retired Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force, is an additional external pressure to not succumb to these crimes. While I had been exposed to the prevention program D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) as a child, it was my parents' guidance that stuck with me. I retained little from the prevention program because it targeted me at too young an age, and as I entered high school, it was the fear of disappointing my parents or being caught that was a heavier influence in shaping my current stances on the variety of accessible drugs in society.

They always told me that my academic and athletic success would be entirely at risk if I partook in any unhealthy habits, especially underage drinking. However, there were a few parties in my senior year of high school that I attended where I had several drinks, but rarely did I get intoxicated. At that point in time with that group of friends, I found it less necessary to get drunk as I did during my first year of college. I had known these friends for my entire life and did not feel the need to resort to alcohol as a social lubricant. As for other illicit drug use, marijuana was the one drug that was fairly popular in my hometown, but I...