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Address the four categories of depressants, stimulants, narcotics, and hallucinogens. For each category, identify specific substances within it, street names, methods of administration, addiction potential, paraphernalia, what effects you might observe in the workplace with a user of this substance, withdrawal symptoms, and treatment possibilities (be sure to list both homeopathic and allopathic where applicable). Include a reference page citing your resources, and include sources other than websites.

DRUGSTREET NAME(S)METHODS OF ADMINISTRATION(include user paraphernalia)POSSIBLE EFFECTS(include physiological effects, addiction potential, and withdrawal symptoms)TREATMENT POSSIBILITIES(inpatient/outpatient, homeopathic/allopathic, etc.)STIMULANTS:CocaineCrack,Dust,Flake,Freebase,Lady,Nose Candy,Powder,Rock,Rails,Snow,Snowbirds,Toot,White,Yahoo,Coke,Blow,Cola,Cocoa Puffs,Charlie(Phoenix House, 2007).

Snorted,Smoked,Injected,Leaves can be chewed or made into tea,Inhaled,Needles,Pipes,Cocaine vials,Lighters or matches,Straws,Spoons,Dollar bills,(Phoenix House, 2007).

Increased heart rate,Blood vessels constrict,Pupils dilate,Body temperature rises,Blood pressure increases,Depression,Agitation,Anxiety,Paranoia,Seizure,Stroke,Heart attack,Damage of nasal membranes,Violence(Phoenix House, 2007).

There are currently no medications available to treat cocaine addiction. Behavioral treatments have been shown to be effective in treating cocaine addiction by helping clients recognize, void, and cope with situations in which they are most likely to use cocaine.

Holistic treatment of the addict requires intense rehabilitation after withdrawal has been accomplished. (Phoenix House, 2007).

AmphetaminesUppers,Bennies,Pep pills,DexiesSpeed,Crystal,Meth,Crank,Ice(AADAC, 2004)Oral,Injected,Snorted,Pipes,Residue on spoons(AADAC, 2004)Short term effects include:Increased heart rate,Increased blood pressure,Reduced appetite,Pupil dilation,Feelings of happiness and power,Reduced fatigueLong term effects can result in:Insomnia,Restlessness,Paranoid psychosis,Hallucinations,Violent and aggressive behavior,Weight loss,Tremors(Phoenix House, 2007).

Amphetamines may be prescribed for narcolepsy (attacks of uncontrolled sleepiness) and hyperactivity,They are no longer used medically to treat depression and obesity because of their dangerous side effects(AADAC, 2004)Rehabilitation after withdrawal has been accomplished in a drug treatment center (AADAC, 2004)MethylphenidateRitalin,White dragon,Vitamin R,Rit,Kibbles & bits, Pineapple(Kelley & Jagielski, 2004)Pills,Tablets,Crush the tablet and snort,Dissolve tablets and inject,Spoons,Prescription bottles,Needles(Kelley & Jagielski, 2004)Restlessness,Dizziness,Tremors,Euphoria,Severe headaches,Difficulty with musculoskeletal movements,Insomnia,Increased body temperature,Irregular heart beat,Heart failure,Fatal seizures,Hostility,Paranoia(Kelley & Jagielski, 2004)Addiction to methylphenidate seems to occur when it induces large and...