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Drug Profile Paper 6

Drug Profile Paper

Drug Profile Paper

This paper will cover psychology and Physiology of drug addiction as well as addictive substances and their effects on the human body and mind. Addiction is an illness that is thought to progress over a period of time and is brought on by a myriad of reasons. This paper will cover each category of substances and how they affect the body or mind.

Psychology and Physiology of Addiction

The psychology of addiction is the part played by the mind/emotions while the physiology is the brain/body. Both the mind and the body will be affected by addicted as addictive substances will alter how a person thinks and when they no longer have the substance they will have to go through withdrawal symptoms. When an addict cannot get their hands on an addictive substance they can use to get high they will start to feel painful and overwhelming effects, both mental and physical.

"The brain is greatly affected by the disease of addiction. It's the kind of addiction that targets the brain" (Powers, 2010, para.3). The addiction takes over the body and the brain when the drug is used on regular bases, but the addiction does start with the brain and the type of drug taken.


Stimulants are a classification of drugs that increase the activity of the brain. Many of these drugs will temporarily elevate a person's alertness and mood as well as potentially making them more aware of what is happening around them (Cherry, 2010). In some cases these stimulates can be found in legal ways such as nicotine and caffeine. The government makes sure to control the amount of stimulants in these products but it is still a danger to the brain...