Drug Testing

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Drug Testing Drug testing in schools is a major issue in schools in our society today. There are many issues concerning this topic. Some schools think it helps to keep kids safe in extracurricular activities and other things. But others think that it's a waste of time. Drug testing should not be allowed because it is an invasion of privacy and it is sometimes inaccurate and very costly.

Everyone likes to know that they have the right to their own privacy. It makes people feel safe and secure. By doing drug testing this violates that right and the fourth amendment. The fourth Amendment protects Americans from unreasonable search and seizers, unless a judge has given them a search warrant. It also states that you are innocent unless you are proven guilty. In a case in Alabama, they said that forcing students to take part in drug testing is a violation of rights.

This is one of the things that hold a barrier between random drugs testing in schools (www.askjeeves.com). Drug testing is used for people who are suspected to be using drugs. It is mostly used in schools because it is said to keep kids safe from drug use. This is not the case. Drug testing is done by getting a urine sample, blood sample, and other things such as this. People can get in to very serious trouble by running these tests. Parents can sue the schools if tests are run without a parent's permission. They decide whether they want their kids to be tested or not. Also if a student is found using drugs, how do you know that that information is going to be kept private? If that information gets out it could ruins reputations, friendships, and activities that you do. Students should be trusted to make...