When is drug testing not nearly enough? This essay is about the pre-employment tests that are being used in order for an applicant to get a job. It focuses on drug testing and psychological testing.

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When is Drug Testing Not Nearly Enough?

It seems that it is getting harder and harder to get a job. From going through many interviews, to having to take drug testing and psychological tests, companies are making it extremely difficult for the "wrong" kind of people to gain access to their work environment. But are all these pre-employment tests really necessary?

I found numerous articles, web-sites, etc. that went along with this topic. It seems that pre-employment tests are causing quite a lot of controversy in the work forces recently. One of the articles that I found "Looking behind the resume- Companies use psychological profiles to gain insight" tells how companies are using psychological testing to evaluate the capability of their potential employees. It explains how expensive that these tests are but that in fact, it saves lots of money in the end. It a also tells how there are no government regulations of testing.

There is nothing that says a certain test is appropriate or effective (Ryan 74).

This article also describes the different types of companies that distribute the psychological tests. Some companies charge less or more depending on the quality of their tests (Ryan 74).

Another article that I found was from Time magazine. It lays out why companies are doing psychological tests and how exactly that it helps them out. This article also goes against all the other articles I read, saying that it east to ace these tests. This article states that the questions asks in the tests are common sense questions. It also mocks how there are no right or wrong answers on the tests. It tells how the author of the articles took one of these tests at a Wal-Mart in Minnesota. Before she took the test the manager told her there was...