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Hayden Osteraas Ms.Sikorski Period 2 " I'm bored," said Ryan.

"Me too,"said his friend Jon.

"Ryan, should we go biking?" "Yeah, we should." "OK let's go!" Ryan had lived his whole life in a rough neighborhood.He hasn't gotten into drugs or dealing them yet. Jon, he is another story. He moved here from a really nice town. The week he got here he started dealing drugs.

Once they got outside they hopped on their bikes and started riding down 3rd street.They were riding towards the hills.The hills weren't really hills at all. They were just piles of trash dumped there years ago and grass had grown over them.Then Ryan got an idea."We should use these as jumps!"They started from about a hundred yards away. They rode as fast as they could and WHOOSH! They both went off at the same time. Then all of the sudden Jon fell off his bike.

He landed right on his arm.

"OWWWWWWW!"he screamed.Ryan landed an ran over to Jon.

"Holy crap!"yelled Ryan.

"Get help."screamed Jon.

Ryan jumped onto his bike and rode to the police station. In doing so he managed not to get hit by a speeding semi truck. He jumped off his bike and ran into the police station.

"Officer Johnson, Jon fell off his bike and he needs help." "OK let's go," said Officer Johnson. They hopped into the squad car and sped off. They got to the scene and they helped Jon up. Officer Johnson put Jon's arm in a sling. They all rode off to the hospital. When they got to the hospital they got Jon in for some X-rays. When the X-rays came in they showed a bunch of breaks and fractures. The nurse gave Jon some very,very...