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once upon a time in a land far far away lived a mouse named george. George liked to eat peas and watch porn. He also smoked a lot of pot. George had a girlfriend named penelope. She was a toad. She liked to eat flies and drink boones out of the bottle.

One day while george and penelope were watching porn and smoking weed they heard a loud "BANG" they looked out side and saw a giant rabbit hopping towards their house.

The rabbit was carrying a gun. It seems George had promised to pay rabbit for some drugs but had been too high to remember. He also couldn't work because he was smoking the wacky grass too often.

Rabbit was angry. He yelled and yelled at george and told him if he didn't get together some money he was going to go to heaven early.

George thought of a solution.

He could pimp out his girlfriend Penelope! Penelope didn't like this idea at first but over time she grew to accept it. If she was a prostitute she could buy some pretty shiny things from k-mart. She would be the envy of all the other forrest creatures.