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One of the big subjects today, when we discuss juvenile delinquency, is drugs. In our society we know it all too well. Many young people get addicted to drugs after they several times have been trying euphoriant drugs. At some discos it is even normal being high of drugs like for instance LSD, marihuana etc. So actually you can say that drugs are more and more normal in the young people's lives and unfortunately drugs are linked with the youth culture we know today. Drugs create problems, but mostly we only hear about robberies, gang fights and other sorts of crime because of drugs. But we never hear about other problems where drugs have caused problems in the family.

This story, Absent, illustrates another way of what the drugs might be causing, and in this situation the drugs have caused an unhappy family which has been spoiled.

The son of Mrs.

Pearson is obviously addicted to drugs. He has grown up without a father, and maybe he could not cope with that situation and then it might be one of the reasons why is in a seriously drug abuse.

He lives in an escapist world, where he is trying to forget his every day life by smoking marihuana etc. He has given up the school and his mother, and is moving around in an almost constantly stoned condition and he is trying to gain the feeling of escapism. He mostly keeps to himself, not letting anyone get close to him, and it might be because he is trying to forget the reality.

He does not care if he is getting food, the only thing he is interested in, is drugs and parties. He is prioritising the drugs higher than the school, which seems clear in this quotation,