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Everyday thousands of young Americans cloud their minds and hinder their thoughts in an attempt to hide from their problems. They not only destroy their lives, but they also ruin the lives of the loved ones who surround them. For the past few decades, drugs have played a harmful role in our young society and has plagued households across the nation. A recent article by Rolling Stone magazine "Plague in the Heartland," reports of a drug called by the street name crystal meth that has tore through the middle class, suburban towns of the Northwest. These kids mentally and physically begin to breakdown as their brains slowly begin to deteriorate. Young Americans become so consumed by drugs that they begin to lose control of their thoughts and actions. In the poem Howl by Allen Ginsberg, a pair of young men's lives are portrayed in their days of drug usage.

The poems tells of young men free of inhibition and consumed by insanity. For example, the poems states the young men who are enslaved to drugs, "walked all night with their shoes full of blood on the snow bank docks waiting for door to open to a room full of steam heat and opium (Ginsberg lines 43-45)." These young men went through unfathomable lengths just to fulfill their addictions. Although individuals may perceive that drugs give them a release, in reality there is no cure or outlet that drugs can offer and no solution that can be fulfilled.

Drugs are very dangerous in that they hinder the body physically by taking control of the bodies actions. People who become addicted by these drugs, soon give up everything they have just to support their addiction. They become so consumed by the drugs that they begin to loose touch with reality. In...