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Julian Finichiu

Professor Alex Ouimet

Pick your poison 22

October 7th 2014

Domestic violence

As you may know, we've recently had a highly publicized case of domestic

violence with Ray Rice, the NFL player who was caught hitting his wife on tape in an elevator. Although this came as a shock to most, around the world, according to Domestic violence statistics "At least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Most often, the abuser is a member of her own family". This is a very glaring statistic and it goes to show you how oblivious we are to these gut-wrenching acts towards our women.

In Carl Hart's case, his father used to beat his mother up all the time, it was like second nature for the Hart family. "All of my parents' worst fights took place on weekends. Most were either Friday or Saturday night when he was drunk, or Sunday when he was hung over" (Hart 12).

Most families were no strangers to domestic violence back then and had to live with it because the men were the primary source of income and weren't pursued in court as a result. "Courts were reluctant to prosecute domestic violence cases, in part because they didn't want to incarcerate the family's primary wage earner … As a result, domestic violence was a tolerated behavior" (Hart 10). Sadly it continues to persist today even with all the progress we have made as a society in terms of equal rights for women.

For example, the Mary Kay truth about abuse survey conducted in 2012 stated "74% of women stayed with an abuser longer for economic reasons."

So what causes men to act as such? That is a question Lisa Firestone; clinical Psychologist has...