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Mexico's government is very complicated. In some ways it is similar to Americas government and in some ways it is different. Mexico is a federal republic. It consists of an executive, legislative, and judicial branch system. The executive branch is in charge of the decision making part of the government. It does things like proposing laws and deciding where the federal tax revenues go. Mexico has 31 states and 1 federal district. Each state has an elected Governor and legislator. Anyone 18 years or older can vote in Mexico. The people elect state governors for 6-year terms. State legislators are elected for 3-year terms. If the president chooses to he may remove the governors of sates with the approval of the senate. Mexico's states are divided in to municipias" or townships" each municipio has a president and a council. These people are elected for 3 years.

Mexico's president has a tremendous influence on all of Mexico's government.

Almost all-political people on the Executive branch depend on the president in an indirect way for their jobs. The president appoints a cabinet that directs government operations. The people elect the president to a 6-year term. The president may serve only 1 term as president.

Mexico's senate is called the general congress. The senate has 128 members who are elected to 6-year terms. The chamber of deputies has 500 members. 300 of them are elected from the countries electoral district. The rest of the people are people do not represent an electoral district. These members serve more than one term but it can not be consecutive.

About ten percent of all tax revenues go directly to state and local agencies. The state agencies depend on the National government for money.

Mexico's most important and influential political party is the partido revolucionario institutional. This...