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DRUGS Illegal drug use is something that it is difficult to make judgments about. Everyone has an opinion, and depending on the opinion of the person in question, drug use can be a very good, or a very bad thing. There are very few thing about the drug controversy that are not, simply put, subjective, able to be interpreted in a number of ways. Although the ramifications of drug use can be construed in a number of ways, what is not debatable are the physical and psychological effects of these drugs on the human body. Why do people get "high"? What physiological changes take place inside a person's body that makes him react to the drug in a pleasant (or unpleasant) manor. What is a high? What does it feel like? Why do some drugs leave a person craving for more, while others can be picked up and then abandoned? What are drugs? Who uses drugs, and why do they use them? All these questions can be answered honestly without making judgments as to whether drugs are "good" or "bad."

What one takes from the facts is a matter of his own personal interpretation, but the facts themselves, are not. Marijuana, LSD, Heroin, Cocaine, and Ecstacy (X) are some common drugs for which these questions can be answered.

The active chemical in Marijuana is THC (tetra-hydro-cannibal), and while there is still much to be discovered about the exact effect THC has on the brain, but it is known to change the way in which sensory information is processed by the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that regulates mood (Zimmer 156). It is thought that there are protein receptors in the brain that bind the THC, and one it is bound, a series of chemical reactions begin...