Drugs and Teenagers

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Drugs and Teenagers

The drug use of teenagers have been increasing in today's society, and the most drug users begin to take drugs at their preteen or teenage years because during that time, the adolescents have to face a hard time to identify themselves. According to Johnson et al., (1986)" [b]y their mid-20's, 75-80% of American young adults have tried and illegal drug, including about 50-55% who have tried some illicit drug other than, or usually in addition to, marijuana" (Cited in Coombs, 1988, p.10). On the other hand, people might ask why the adolescents want to try drugs? Actually, the teenagers use drugs are result of a combination of family and social factors.

One of the most important factors that cause teenagers to use drugs is due to their family. As everyone knows, parents are the first teachers for their children, so the families' educations are very important. Jurich et al.

(1985) states that "the parent as an active teacher and model of such patterns" (Cited in Coombs, 1988, p.48). Unfortunately, a number of parents sometimes use some drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol, which are very popular substances, when their children are at front of them. Also, according to Barnes, (1977); Brook, Whiteman, Brook, and Gordon, (1981); Forster, (1984); Gorsuch & Butler, (1976); Huba & BENTLER, (1980); Huba et al., (1980); McDermott, (1984); Mellinger, (1971); Smart & Fejer, (1972) [T]he degree to which parents themselves use drugs consistently has been shown to influence their children's decisions regarding drug use" (Cited in Coombs, 1988, p.49). When their kids saw their parents to use those kinds of substances, they might think that it does not matter to use cigarettes and alcohol because their parents also use them. Therefore, they would imitate their parents and try them.

In the same manner,