"Drugs have effected our youth"

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"Drugs have effected our youth"

Drugs are a kind of treatment which used some times in pills , powder or syrup . this drugs are like any thing around us , if we use it in the right way we will see the shine side of it , but if we used it in the wrong way we will see the dark side of it . but when we use a particular kind of drugs with no limit or prescription of doctor in that time we called drugs addicted . And it may be easy & fun with the first try of drugs but you will be omit into the hell of never ended travail , because in every time your body will ask for more & because of the drugs costs a lot of money you will try to do any thing to get the drugs , you will try to steal, kill, & sell anything you have even your dignity & in the end sure you will sell you soul .

Bad friends , free time , lot of money , neglected children , fear of facing problems and escaping from it , stress , fairer in life ...etc. all this and more could cause an drugs addicted , & drugs are so harmful on our bodies & it get us into a real fatal diseases such as : {lung cancer (comes from smoking drugs cigarettes) , blood cancer (comes from taking drugs by injections ) , HIV -AIDS (comes from many ways like : it's transmitted by the usage of infected needles or unsafe sexual relationships )...etc. } .

Drugs are the tragedy of this century , so we must face it and try to cross this tragedy to see the sun of our life shining again...